Outlook and the missing custom URL scheme

Coming from the “dark side” of the IT, one of the things I really missed on my MacBook in the beginning was Microfost Outlook. Entourage just didn’t feel right so I went through trialing a couple of other Email software solutions before I finally settled with Apple Mail.

So when Office for Mac 2011 hit the streets I decided to give the new Outlook a go to see if the change back from Apple Mail to Outlook would be of any benefit for myself (in the end I kept Apple Mail for various reasons, but that’s another story, not relevant to this post and blog).

Email is an important part of┬ámy daily professional life and by the time Outlook 2011 was released, my workflow setup integrated already quite nicely with Apple Mail. So very shortly after starting operation “Back to Outlook”, I found myself confronted with a major drawback, Outlooks lack of support of a custom URL scheme, i.e. a way to create a hyperlink to a particular mail message. As I didn’t want to give up my Outlook testing at this early stage BUT couldn’t live without the ability to put a back-link to a mail message inside the tasks of my task manager (and other apps) I decided to spend some time on the problem to see if I could come up with an alternative solution.

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