Welcome to my new Blog.

As a MacBook owner for a little more than three years now, I’ve recently started looking more thoroughly into the great possibilities offered by Applescript to make my everyday life easier by automating some of the recurrent tasks, especially when it comes to data exchange between the different applications part of my daily workflow.

Participating on different forums and newsgroups I have found that some of my creations seem to find interest among others.

This is why I decided to set up this small blog to gather the different scripts I had posted all over the Internet in ONE single place, making it easier for me to maintain them, answer questions and keep up with  your comments, requests and suggestions.

All of my Apple-scripting knowledge comes from reading through the official documentation, testing, testing and of course the contributions of other users. This last bit is the reason why all the scripts posted here are made freely available (including source-code) for you to download, use and abuse off. Sort of my “giving back to the community…”.

This being said, I do spend quite some of my free time on improving those scripts to make them more user-friendly and add functionality people suggest / ask for. I would therefore be grateful to read your feedback and get acknowledgement if you decide to host or further distribute those scripts. Also I won’t mind if you decide that the script(s) you got from here are worth a small (or not so small) donation ;).

I hope you’ll find some of the scripts of interest and look forward to your feedback.

All the best,



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